Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Flight – Korin can fly with the use of ki, as seen when he was at the West City hospital after the battle against the Saiyans.[3]
  • Afterimage Technique – Korin uses it, and even claims to be the inventor of this technique.
  • Korin's staff – Korin can shoot an invisible ki blast out of his staff.
  • Mind Reading – Korin is shown to read Goku's mind when Goku first reaches the top of Korin Tower.

Senzu BeansEdit

Korin is the only one who grows the Senzu Beans which heal wounds and are equivalent to eating ten days worth of food. Korin Tower is the only place in the world they are grown, and so these magic beans are quite valuable. The Senzu Beans are used frequently in Dragon Ball Z to restore energy in battle, and many a time they save the lives of the Z Fighters. The beans are limited in number and are difficult to grow, and so Korin only gives them to the Z Fighters in time of need or before a battle. Usually no more than five are carried at a time.